Meet our team

The greatest resource we can offer your brand is the minds of some of the best marketers in the country. Our people will stop at nothing to make sure you get noticed. You should meet those people. Preferably over a beer. But we’ll settle for a digital introduction.


Vice President

He’s the man with the plan. Michael, aka “Hurricane”, is our fearless leader. He keeps us all sane with awkward jokes and wise life advice.


Creative Director

Kayla’s design chops combined with her entrepreneurial mindset and her eye for detail make her the ultimate triple-threat. You can find her in the mountains on weekends. Probably getting inspired to build your next great brand.


Digital Director

Sam is a digital tornado of knowledge and ideas. He’s the brains behind why your brand gets seen. His hobbies include skiing, soccer, and “hopping on” calls.


Social Media Manager

Paola is our social guru. Not only can she make your brand stand out on all social media channels, she know where the party’s at. She’s a visual thinker, so trust she’ll be drawing on our whiteboard desks while brainstorming your campaigns.


Creative Manager

Lindsay is a Georgia peach who fell in love with the Rockies and then decided to climb a whole bunch of them. With her design, travel, and hospitality background (plus killer alt rock music tastes) she’s a perfect fit for the FIFTY3 team!


Senior Digital Specialist

Trevor is a man of few words - because everything he says is profound. When he’s not figuring out ways to improve your digital presence, he may be found reading a good book.


Graphic Designer

Meet the woman behind our caricatures and amazing hand lettering. Emily's drawings compete with Picasso. In her free time, she enjoys the occasional concert or twelve.


Graphic Designer

Kayla, known around the office as “Kayla 2.0”, has an impressive branding skillset and an equally impressive rock collection. She makes the world a better place as our resident vegan and peace advocate.


Graphic Designer

Alex brings more than just design talent to our team. Alex can play the ukulele and has a passion for photography. Alex was also bitten by the mountain bug (like the rest of us) and relocated from Miami.


Graphic Designer

Another Colorado transplant, Natalie originally hails from OKC. Her love of 20’s art deco inspiration makes her a graphic design whiz and is easily seen in her gorgeous, forearm tattoo. But number one in her heart? A small black ball of fur named Bernie.


Graphic Designer

Small, but mighty could easily be used to describe Iman. She is Chicago born and raised, ventured off to Savannah and is now making a home in Colorado with her cat, Piper. She’s hungry for amazing designs, perfect branding and also real food, all the food.


Marketing Coordinator

A New Jersey native, Corinne’s half sleeve might scare you, but she has one of the largest hearts in the group. Known for her speed and efficiency, if we need a project quickly, she’s the girl to get it done.


Marketing Coordinator

Katie is the Khaleesi of Copy. If she’s not reading, writing or eating queso in large quantities, she’s being secretively competitive at rec sports or at the dog park with her Beorgi mix (that’s a Beagle Corgi BTW), Archibald Pickles.


Digital Specialist

Jenya is quite possibly a Russian spy or a robot. She builds PPC campaigns in her sleep while simultaneously solving a Rubik’s cube and writing a novel - all while listening to true crime podcasts.


Digital Specialist

Brandon is cool, calm and always on top of his accounts. Fueled by an average of 6 cups of coffee a day, he can do it all. He has a weekend alter-ego named "Brando" who hikes in a Hawaiian t-shirt and flip-flops.


Digital Specialist

Originally from New York, Matt took a pit-stop in Florida, where he became a certified rescue scuba diver (and honed his digital marketing skills).


Social Media Specialist

Gabbie is a volunteer aficionado with a penchant for yoga. She spins up clever social content left and right while maintaining a beaming smile. Fun Fact: She used to work at Tesla!


Social Media Specialist

When he's not making your social media awesome, you can find Joey taking photos, playing guitar, hiking, or at a baseball game. While he may seem like a native Coloradan, he grew up in Florida (and saw snow for the first time a couple of years ago).


Social Media Specialist

Aubrey is always making moves. She recently left the greenery of Oregon for the mountains of Colorado with her two rescue pups, Jaxson and Opal. She lives for perfectly tailored social media content and also, did we mention her dogs?



Tanner is a man of many nicknames and interests. He is full of WOO energy which allows him to casually hike fourteeners, train for a half Iron Man and own a videography business. He left the freelance world to join Agency Fifty3 with bribes of endless guacamole and lots of popping bubble wrap.

Zo Antonow

Digital Specialist

Zo was lured from Chicago to Denver with the promise of mountains and shredding the gnar. She’s a mega asset to the digital team with an even bigger smile! A wannabe ski bum who swears she’s more graceful in ski boots than heels, Zo also keeps a daily outfit log and alters her own clothes.

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On average, our team drinks about 13 cups of coffee or tea a day.

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Thanks to Spotify, we play about 160 songs in the office per day.

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On average, our team averages 4.5 movie quotes per day.

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Four of our team members moved to Denver, CO from Austin, TX.

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