The Challenge

Element is a trio of communities set in slightly different locations and with different architectural looks. Our clients wanted a name that could encompass them as a trio. It had to be authentic, work with the individual aspects of the buildings, and still come together as a whole.

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The Preparation

We wanted something clean, modern and not corporate. The properties were in Eugene, Oregon. A place with hipster roots and lots of personality. We looked at the different locations and found they each at their own character. One was perfect for coffee addicts and art lovers, central to the library, or a block away from live music. They each exemplified a specific element… and so a name was born.

The Solution

The Element. We found inspiration from stamp and emblem designs that were both symbolic and defined. Each building had their own elements involved in their persona and that came together as a common thread. It’s individualistic and unique. And it definitely identified with the residents of Eugene. Prelease numbers hit within the 90’s across all three separate buildings! Now that’s a job well done.

year over year, we found an increase in pre-leased percentages

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