The Challenge

Gateway on Cullen came to us before they were ever Gateway on Cullen. They were brand new and hoping to establish themselves as a long term challenger in a very competitive Houston, TX market. They were building a beautiful apartment complex, but knew that their introduction to the public would matter. Not only were they competing against established brands and communities already in the market, but they were going up against another national player that was developing a new brand at the same time. The Challenge we faced was this: How do we help a new brand establish their identity in a highly competitive market? Not just the way they look, but what they would be known for from day one.

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The Preparation

The Preparation started with understanding the market. We worked with the ownership group and management group to learn as much as we could about what the Houston market was looking for and how Gateway on Cullen could meet those needs. We reached out to connections that had experience in the market and were on regular phone calls with the development group to make sure we saw the gem they saw when they chose Houston, TX.

FIFTY3 needed to know why Gateway on Cullen was going to change the market so we could highlight that. We then partnered with both groups to build a list of launch necessities. What do you need to make sure you’re positioning yourself as a challenger from day one? After finalizing the list to include logo & identity, a state-of-the-art website, floor plan art, a wrap for their office trailer, branded stationary, signage, and sales tools, our design team went to work on researching how to make this brand stand out visually. Nobody in Houston looks quite like Gateway on Cullen. And we think that’s a good thing.

The Solution

How did we climb the mountain and launch a new brand in Houston, TX? By working so closely with an ownership and management group that we started finishing each other’s sentences. By helping them organize what they needed and what they didn’t. By building out an identity that stood out instead of blending in. And by giving them the tools to make sure everyone in Houston could engage with their brand. After our partnership, Gateway on Cullen left with a website optimized to convert awareness into leads, and a digital advertising program meant to get people there.

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They didn’t just need a pleasant introduction. They needed a launch.

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