The Challenge

Paddock Estates is a new development in the upscale Boston suburb of Boxborough, MA. Our challenge was to establish a high class brand that would justify a high price. We needed to attract possible renters at a price point and a location where most people are buyers. In a marketplace where renting isn’t normal, we had to prove that Paddock Estates weren’t normal apartments. After all, how many apartments have horse pastures in the back yard?

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The Preparation

We studied the market until we knew it like the back of our hands. Just as we left no stone unturned with our research, we did the same with our ideas. We spent hours brainstorming and drafted pages of logo ideas. We designed floor plans, monument signs, and move in gifts- all with the high-class vision in mind. We worked with our client, our designers, and our website developer until we had a website as classy as the apartments themselves.

The Solution

We reaffirmed the quality of Paddock Estates with every brand touchpoint. When it came to our work, every detail mattered. We created a sophisticated brand and a chic website to match, establishing Paddock Estates not just as apartments but as a premiere residence.

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They didn't just need to find customers. They needed to convince the market to rent.

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