The Challenge

The Amaranth had a problem. They had a beautiful product in a great location near the Botanic Gardens in Denver. The issue was that no one seemed to know about them. Brand, product, and location awareness was an issue, so they came to FIFTY3 with a distinct challenge. How could we help them increase their brand traffic and awareness in a way that stood above the noise in a very saturated market? They also wanted to be able to measure the results. Typical apartment branding has lent itself to t-shirts, flyers, and events. We wanted to create something that would make people want to interact and actually remember what they interacted with. We also wanted to distribute their story in a way that would produce measurable results.

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The Preparation

To tell the story of the brand, we had to experience it. Our strategy and video team visited the property, met with the on-site team, and had multiple meetings with the client to thoroughly discuss the issues and the benefits of the brand. We wanted to know what they had to offer. We knew we could handle the media distribution of the campaign, but we needed to do the research on what story should be distributed.

Our team spent time digging into the messages and strategies of competitors in the area. We needed to know what they were saying and how they were saying it to make sure The Amaranth stood above the noise. Only after all of this research was completed did our team sit down to build campaign concepts.

The Solution

We realized something pretty simple in our research. Every apartment community in the market was relying on messaging that focused on what they looked like. Every ad seemed to talk about countertops and floors. Our team sat down and talked about our favorite memories of home, and they never seemed to be what they looked like.

We didn’t remember what cabinets and amenities were in our favorite homes. We remembered the meals we had, the games we played, and sounds we heard. Sense of Home came from the fact that what we loved about home wasn’t what it looked like and how much it costs. What we loved was how home felt.

We realized there was a lack of modern storytelling being utilized in the industry. So we created a video to tell the story, a landing page to let people interact with the four senses other than sight and win prizes, scratch and sniff digital display ads that produced almost double the clicks of an average display ad, actual scratch and sniff posters that popped up all over the market, and social media ads that targeted people looking to move in the three largest feeder cities for the product.

The number of people who interacted with this campaign proved that the message and method stood out from typical apartment marketing. It also built a foundation for brand awareness that should help The Amaranth well into the future.

Download the case study here.

Watch the Sense Of Home video here.

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