The Amaranth is a brand located in Denver, CO. Their brand awareness was struggling and they were competing in a saturated market. The audience was seeing multiple messages from competitors on a regular basis. They needed to figure out a way to stand above the noise while differentiating The Amaranth brand. Sense of Home was the perfect message for this product. Every one of their competitors was droning on and on about what they looked like. We wanted to help a huge audience understand what it felt like to live at The Amaranth.

We created this video to tell that story. We wrote the script, storyboarded the concept, and worked with a local cast and crew to bring the idea to life. Once the spot was finalized, we distributed the video to targeted audiences on Facebook and Instagram and hosted it on the campaign landing page. At the end of the four week ad run, this video was viewed by qualified audiences 68,379 times and shared 50 times.

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