Agency FIFTY3 was contacted by one of our clients to help them tell the story of their strongest competitive advantage. After several discovery meetings, we kept coming back to one message. Their low rent prices were the best thing they had going for them, and this was the challenge! Most real estate brands have trouble communicating low prices without sounding cheap or low-quality. How could we make their low rent prices define them in a positive way?

Our creative team wanted to dive into why people purchase low priced products. Using consumer insights, we found that people don’t spend less just because they can’t afford a more expensive product. They buy wisely because they know there are better things to spend their money on. This finding led to the creation of Spend on the Night. We could position a low rent apartment as a solution to an age old customer problem. Our client wasn’t cheap. They were taking an aggressive stand with their prices to ensure residents could enjoy their life outside of the four walls of an apartment. We spent four weeks writing a script, casting actors, putting our crew together, scouting locations, and prepping for an all-night shoot in Austin, TX.

When post production was complete, we helped our client distribute the video organically on Facebook and Twitter and set up ads featuring the message on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This video produced the highest level of engagement we’ve seen up to this point with over 550 post reactions and 60 comments. Our insights worked! Spend on the Night turned into a relevant and relatable message that solved the issue of promoting your low prices.

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