FIFTY3 was asked to help capture the story and culture of Cardinal Group Companies using video that they could distribute both internally and externally. Instead of the standard corporate culture video with talking heads and simulated laughter, we sought to create a piece that could serve as an engaging ad just as easily as it could a video on the Cardinal Group Companies’ website. We wanted to give them a final product that they could distribute confidently on any platform.

Our team wrote and storyboarded the spot. We worked with the CEO to shoot his early morning routine, and we recorded the voiceover to tell the story. Cardinal Group Companies launched this spot at their annual Leadership Summit Conference and asked us to create a distribution test run to see what kind of reaction the video would get. FIFTY3 set up ads using this video on Facebook and LinkedIn that targeted people looking for jobs in cities where Cardinal Group Companies had open positions and, during that 10 day run, received 4,274 video views, 170 Facebook likes, and 120 clicks to the Careers page on their website.

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