The Challenge

The Marlowe was once formerly known as The Sojourn. Inspired by Sir Walter Raleigh and Christopher Marlowe, The Marlowe had a romantic and historical significance that we wanted to bring to life. The client wanted to move away from a generic look and type facing logo and stand out in the Raleigh market.

Brand IdentityDesign
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The Preparation

The Marlowe needed an identity, an aesthetic to invoke feeling and really fit the community as a whole. We researched different pen stroke style elements – and Christopher Marlowe himself – to find elements that would make this brand exceptional and memorable

The Solution

We wanted the new Marlowe to be detailed and distinct. We chose a stamp inspired brand mark to play up the literary significance and artistic aspects of this brand and its roots. We added modern design elements, but stayed true to the romantic history of this updated brand. This handwritten mark is more than a type font or a color scheme, it brought renewed life and meaning.

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