The Challenge

Trivium, formerly known as Buchtel Plaza, was a garden style apartment built in 1968. As an older property, it was struggling to achieve the leasing success that it once had. Our client came to us with a huge challenge. How do we help a community built in the 1960’s compete in 2015? After speaking with the client and residents, we could see that the current brand needed a change.

The Challenge we faced was this: How do we help our client make an old brand appealing to a modern consumer?

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The Preparation

It was pretty easy to see that the current brand needed a change. Buchtel Plaza was able to charge an average rent of only $965 before FIFTY3 jumped on board. It was an older building and a brand that seemed even older. Our client knew they needed to rebrand from day one and chose Trivium as their new name. We took over from there in how to make the Trivium brand look like how they wanted their new focus to feel. Our digital team also dove in on how to make sure this facelift could drive interest and leads.

The Solution

The client performed a complete remodel of each apartment and common area. The FIFTY3 design team wiped the dust off of Buchtel Plaza with a completely new identity that was focused on modern appeal. The FIFTY3 digital team made that brand buzz.

In a little more than three months after taking over the entire digital marketing platform, a total of 299 conversions were generated from PPC marketing. A conversion rate of 23.73% drove revenue to $7,767 at a cost of $2,843.43. That means our digital tactics provided the client with an ROI of 173.16%. That original average rent number of $965 increased to an average occupied rent of $1,093.

Within the three months after the rebrand, 65 of the 100 apartment homes were leased by customers. A new look and a new approach to driving conversions through modern digital marketing helped raise this brand from the grave.

They didn’t just need a modern touch. They needed a digital overhaul.

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