A client came to us with a very specific request. They were opening a brand new gym and were holding a Grand Opening party to celebrate. They wanted a way to promote the new gym and the party without just posting on Facebook about it. Agency FIFTY3 was asked to steal attention for the brand, new product, and party by talking about it in a different way through the use of creative video.

We wrote Upstairs You to talk openly about a struggle we all face. In the comfort of our homes, we tend to display some interesting and not-so-healthy habits. Whether it’s what we eat for breakfast or the amount of time we spend watching Friends on Netflix, Upstairs You needs some balancing out. We positioned our client’s new gym as the solution to Upstairs You. Because of this great new gym, Downstairs You can even things out.

Agency FIFTY3 created the concept, produced the video, and managed the distribution of the project. We launched the message through YouTube pre-roll ads, Facebook event ads, and Instagram engagement ads. Each distribution tool took users to an Events Page the client had created to gather RSVPs. The campaign ran for three weeks in a small market.

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