The Challenge

Village West used to be known as Willowbrook West. That was the problem. Willowbrook West carried with it a brand that wasn’t known for much. In fact, they were more known for what they didn’t have than what they did. They didn’t stand out. They lacked personality. Willowbrook West was just another apartment complex in a college town with plenty of apartment complexes. The college student audience responded to this lack of a true brand by labeling it with 2.4 stars on Google and 2.9 stars on Facebook. The Challenge we faced was this: How do we give a product a personality that changes the perception of their audience?

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The Preparation

The Preparation started with analyzing what the issues were, not from our perspective, but from a possible customer’s perspective. What we found was that this brand needed to be escorted into the modern day with a complete brand overhaul. Willowbrook West’s reputation wasn’t sterling.

So we first decided it needed a new new name that would pay homage to the old but unveil an era of change. A new name needed a new look. Every possible brand touch point was considered in the design phase. From busses and brochures to websites and signage, this brand needed to look the part of a community on the upswing. Colors, fonts, and copy were researched with personality in mind. We wanted someone to immediately think vibrant, fresh, and fun.

The Solution

How did we climb the mountain and give a product a personality? By renaming it Village West. By establishing an identity full of bright colors, modern fonts, and relevant copywriting. And by launching it into the world with a new website, new sales tools, an eye-catching bus wrap, and an ad in the student newspaper announcing that “things are going to look a little different”.

We then crafted an innovative and conversion producing digital distribution strategy to make sure that all of this was seen and heard by an audience that wouldn’t know what hit them. At the end, all we could really say was… Willowbrook who?

Shuttle Bus Design Concept

They didn’t just need a new design.
They needed a personality.

Advertisement Brochure Design Concept
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