We invest in our people and our team to inspire the best innovation and passion.

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We’re an eclectic bunch.

We asked our team members, “What’s your serial killer trait?” Or, what’s your quirk that would make sense on a true crime podcast? Roll over our photos to find out who sleeps without a pillow, who eats cereal without milk, and who showers in the dark.

  • Leadership
  • Client Success
  • Digital
  • Creative
  • Social Media
  • Leadership
  • Client Success
  • Digital
  • Creative
  • Social Media
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Michael Huereque

Executive Vice President
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Kayla Meyer

Vice President Of Operations
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Sam Winn

Vice President Of Client Success
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Trevor Boyson

Digital Director
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Kristy Bright

Director Of Accounts
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Alfredo Medrano

Creative Director

Matt Fernandez

PPC Manager

Brandon McKinney

Product Development Manager

Jenya Sakaeva

R&D Manager

Emily Baker-Slama

Art Director

Erica Warfield

Social Media Manager

Katie Terwilliger

People Operations Manager

Alex Liberatore

Sr. Social Ad Specialist

Brett Stillwagon

Sr. Account Executive

Kate Duca

Sr. Account Manager

Brian York

Strategic Marketing Manager

Lauri Makikalli

Strategic Marketing Manager

Corinne Walker

Website Manager

Leanne Bridie

Art Director

Natalie Heng

Sr. Designer

Brette Guilmette

Sr. Designer

Aubrey Riggins

Sr. Content Curator

Keghan Crossland

Sr. Content Curator

Ben Koester

Sr. PPC Specialist

Claire Ashworth

Sr. PPC Specialist

Melanie Webb

Account Manager

Elizabeth Roseveare

Digital Project Manager

Mason Huckabee

Content Curator

Ashton Love

Content Curator

Mariah Bayne

Content Curator

Stephanie Grant

Website Coordinator

Zoey Johnston

Website Implementation Specialist

Jason Luong

Sr. Videographer

Katie McGinnis

Social Ad Specialist

Ariana Heathcock

Social Ad Specialist

Emily Arena

Social Ad Specialist

Marc Pinciotti

PPC Training Specialist

Taylor Frisbie

PPC Specialist

Noah Leach

PPC Specialist

Simeon Dube

PPC Specialist

Marcus Olson

PPC Specialist

Megan Dirksen

PPC Specialist

Sophie Smith

PPC Specialist

Peter Reynolds

PPC Specialist

Melissa Morris

PPC Specialist

Ben Wax

PPC Specialist

Ruben Ramon

PPC Specialist

Omar Guerra

PPC Specialist

Morgan Eller


Josh Vliet

SEO Specialist

Tanner Snyder

Jr. SEO Specialist

Justin Nichols

Reputation Management Specialist

Chinda Sam

Creative Project Manager

Anna Marie Salai


Jake Willis


Lindsey Evans


Ashley Neufeld


Sarah Brancy


Nicole Reddick


Tim Rhyne


Zakary Kropidlowski


Sabrina Hayes


Cole Pandes

Account Manager

Taylor Wills

Account Manager

Peter Litzler

Business Development Representative

Joseph Lee

Account Manager

Travis Matt

Account Manager

We like to laugh. You like to laugh. Let’s all laugh.

Want to hear a joke?
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What our family thinks we do.

We asked our team members to call up their mothers, grandmothers, friends, and siblings to ask, “Can you explain what I do at work?” We recorded the phone calls, and we got some great answers.

Our Core Values


Do the right thing, all the time.

“Doing the right thing all the time means approaching all tasks great and small with a spirit of selflessness, integrity, and empathy.”
–Matt, PPC Manager


Build an open and honest relationship with communication.

“Being honest about what’s happening in your role is a conversation that never ends. The best part is it's not always just with your ‘boss’, but with teammates too.”
–Marc, PPC Training Specialist


Be adventurous, creative and open minded.

“Having a workplace that encourages their workers to be on the cutting edge has given me the opportunity to continually produce designs I am happy to put in my portfolio.”
—Jake, Graphic Designer


Be a team player and respect those you work with.

“My team encouraged me to take the reigns and create original content from the beginning, and all feedback is respectful, pushing me to be better.”
–Morgan, Media Specialist


Embrace change and new ideas.

“If you have an idea to help make processes better on your first day, we want to hear it. There’s no ‘this is the way we’ve always done it’ here.”
—Aubrey, Sr. Social Content Curator


Bring your best each day and create fun.

“I love how our team balances work and play. We’re always passionate about our jobs and our culture—each passion fosters the other.”
–Cole, Account Manager


Pursue growth and knowledge.

“We’re constantly challenging ourselves to learn about current and future innovations so we can push our products and industry forward.”
–Erica, Social Media Manager


Do more with less.

“Some say restriction doesn’t foster innovation, but here, that’s just one pathway to channel and challenge our creativity.”
–Stephanie, Website Coordinator

We believe in showing up every single day with purpose.

Be passionate and determined.

“Every team member is excited to come to work and push our team forward. No obstacle is too big, no goal too small.”
–Katie, People Operations Manager


Be humble.

“No matter what your title is, you’ll never know everything. This encourages me to never stop seeking feedback, learning from those around me, and working to improve.”
–Emily, Creative Manager