Candour House

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Project Overview

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Candour House is a new conventional community that needed a brand and story that embodied sophistication and elegance with a modern edge. We developed the brand from the ground up, covering everything from logo and marketing collateral to website, PPC, and social ads.

Building the brand

The goal for Candour House was to create a timeless brand that not only blended elegance with modernism, but also honored the historic area. Our Design team drew inspiration from interior renderings of the community, featuring classic black marble with edgy accents like geometric tile and unconventional architecture. The color scheme highlights the black and white interiors with a trendy pop of blush, and the typography combines a classic serif and a lighter script to craft a contrast of sophistication and edge. Finally, our designers selected a traditional emblem for an additional logo mark to complete the classy, historical feel.

Creating the website experience.

The website began with an orderly layout and clear user experience—simplicity which evoked the minimalistic aspect of modernism for a high-end foundation. From there, we incorporated touches of eye-catching yet sophisticated movement to give the site dynamic elegance. Aiming to unify the identity of the brand from logo to imagery to website experience, our team crafted a successful and cohesive website that fully embodied Candour House.

Landing qualified leads.

Our PPC team modified campaigns, keywords, and copy to align with the unique properties of Candour House, including floor plan variety, specific amenities, and location. We targeted a 20-mile radius around the community, finding high click-through and conversion rates from users in Durham and Morrisville. Bids were increased for these users, and for those identified by Google for Moving and Relocation, Apartments, and Residential Properties.

Since the account was created, we’ve steadily maintained a cost-per-lead well within our standards of $150—averaging $50 to $70 per lead from phone calls and form submissions. We also regularly see several hundreds clicks per week at a healthy cost-per-click around $3.

Targeting visibility on social media.

Because Candour House was launching as a new luxury property, increasing visibility of the brand was key in our Facebook and Instagram strategy. We set out to build brand awareness, drive consideration by directing traffic to the website, and ultimately, influence prospective residents’ decisions through lead generation campaigns.

Since launching, the lead generation campaign has been performing at a low cost-per-lead and high click-through-rate generating an above average conversion rate ranking compared to ads with the same campaign goals. Additionally, the website traffic campaign has seen healthy metrics that align with our benchmark goals. From top to bottom of the prospect journey, we’re getting Candour House in front of the right people at the right time.

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