Overlook at River Place


Project Overview.

Overlook at River Place, a comfortable and luxurious high-rise in Wilmington, came to FIFTY3 for branding. They needed a logo and branding that complemented their sister property’s existing brand, which gave this project a unique set of parameters from the beginning.

Building the brand.

Overlook’s sister property, River Place Wilmington, set the pace for this project with its existing logo—an abstract design inspired by art deco filigree. Our team’s challenge was to create a complementary logo that was approachable, high-end, and inspired by elements of the river without looking too coastal. So, we set out to design a logo that reflected the River Place brand with a modern touch. Inspired by the diamond shape of the other logo, ours was based on a similar shape but included more simple lines to elevate and modernize the look. The cleanness and simplicity of the final logo represents a community that is refined but not stuffy. And the color palette adds notes of approachability and comfort while tying in the natural colors of the river.


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