The Brix

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Project Overview

A brand new luxury community in Long Island, The Brix sought a brand identity that conveyed youthful trendiness blended with edgy, vibrant modernism. This included a full creative brand build-out, from a logo to collateral to a custom website. We created a comprehensive brand to meet these goals and build a strong, lasting persona for The Brix.

Building the brand.

The inspiration for The Brix’s brand identity began with the name—Brix refers to the degrees in which the amount of sugar in a solution is measured. Drawing off of this, the circular degree symbol was chosen as a theme throughout the brand. Our designers then carefully curated a selection of elements to make one dynamic whole: a vibrant color palette, an eclectic mix of patterns, and a youthful-meets-edgy choice of typography.

Creating the website experience.

To round out the brand, we created a custom website that complemented the brand aesthetic. This meant short, snappy copy to maintain an upbeat tone alongside vibrant design elements. Our team ensured consistency by incorporating the same eclectic patterns and saturated colors around tactfully placed photos that reflected the light, fun, and trendy lifestyle. From there, the brand successfully came together to form an identity of eye-catching sophistication and exciting, youthful energy.