The Overland

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Project Overview

A new conventional community in South Denver, The Overland sought a modern brand identity that embodied the vibrance and bold urban energy of the city. FIFTY3 did full branding for The Overland, including a logo, sitemap, custom brochure, essential marketing, and quick response messages.

Building the brand.

The Overland needed branding that would stand out in an area saturated with young, trendy brands. Our designers used the name to create the logo, selecting a bold yet upbeat font and uniquely stacking some of the letters for a modern vibe with an eccentric twist. Using design elements of the building renderings, they created a collection of logos for The Overland to use interchangeably, all inspired by the architectural style and vibrant yellow color of the building’s exterior.

Creating the website experience.

To build The Overland’s website, the goal was to manifest the fun, trendy energy of Denver through overlapping elements and diverse expressions of lifestyle. Our team selected photos that portrayed the activity and culture of the city, incorporating them into a layout of overlapping patterns and a bold, minimalistic color palette. The result was a cohesive brand with a strong identity to not only hold its own in a saturated market, but also leave a lasting impression.

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