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Project Overview

The Cynwyd is a conventional new community in Cynwyd Bala, PA. Their goal was a location-based brand that blended modern, organic sophistication with industrial urban vibes. They came to FIFTY3 for full branding—from logo and tagline to brand identity and a custom website.

Building the brand.

This brand began with a vision—the client had clear ideas and creative direction for the final product, but gave us plenty of freedom. Our team created taglines and logos that reflected natural elements: wood textures, metals, marble, and foliage found in the area. The logo contrasts an urban industrial style with a delicate script, set with an icon based off a local fern. Then, our Copy team created a selection of taglines rooted in blending luxury, urban, and organic lifestyles. With two successful taglines and a collection of logos, the Cynwyd came together as a cohesive brand that reflected local aesthetics and brought the client’s vision to life.

Creating the website experience.

The Cynwyd sought a custom website that felt original in layout, functionality, and aesthetic. This gave our designers a unique creative freedom. With our Design and Web teams working together, we built a familiar and intuitive layout accented with one-of-a-kind elements. Some of the original ideas that set this website apart from traditional designs include the header line design with contact information and the functionality of the amenities and floor plans sections.

The Cynwyd branding was a strong success, largely because we didn’t just create the logo and branding, but were also able to build out the collateral and highly customized website. Our team knew the project inside and out—from the inspiration and intentions behind each design detail to the vision of the entire end result.

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