The Rays at Vegas Towers


Project Overview

The Rays at Vegas Towers is a conventional community that came to FIFTY3 for total rebranding. Their main goal was to reflect the duality of a luxe resort and the vibrant energy of their location in Las Vegas following an extensive renovation. We started the new brand with naming and carried it all the way through logos, brochures, marketing collateral, and website copy.

Building the brand.

The Rays brand started with the name—something we created to honor the vibrance of Las Vegas culture and the sun of this desert locale. The branding took that inspiration and elevated it to match the unmistakable luxe energy found only in Las Vegas. Our extensive upfront research on the area allowed us to make every decision with intention and craft a brand that truly resonated with its area and audience.

As a nod to the history of the building, the brand concept draws on subtle 70s design influences. The typography uses swooping ligatures and thick-to-thin strokes to round out the retro look, while keeping the overall luxe aesthetic. The iconic sun rays of Las Vegas create a subtle visual theme throughout the brand that bookends with the name and further aligns the brand with the location. All together, The Rays branding embodies a look of retro glam that perfectly emulates the community.

The Brix

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