Two Is Better Than One: Paisley & Pointe

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The Dealer’s Hand

After acquiring The Paisley and The Pointe as two separate properties, Waterton tapped in FIFTY3 to bring the two together into one community. Our creative design and copy teams came together with our digital and social department to create the ultimate lucky hand of rebranding resources. Together, we created a new brand identity, designed new marketing collateral, designed and launched HTML5 ads, and more — all of which culminated in the jackpot of Las Vegas apartment living, The Paisley & Pointe at Centennial Hills.

The Name
of the Game

The name of the game was simple, Waterton needed us to take two properties and create one singular community that operated under one cohesive brand. The cards were dealt, and the FIFTY3 team was playing the rebrand game, the goal of which was to make two communities into one without losing the unique qualities of either property.

The Ace Up Our Sleeve

With a creative ace up our sleeve, our game plan included a brand direction that played heavily into the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas location of The Paisley & Pointe. With a sparkling new logo, clever brand voice, taglines, and brand guidelines, our creative team was set to roll out a rebrand that captured the essence of both properties under one name.

Our paid media strategy focused on the players in the game, i.e. the current residents of both properties. We wanted to ensure all of our new marketing collateral was clear in stating that this was simply a rebrand, and current residents would only gain from this new community partnership.


A new name, logo, taglines, brand design, and brand voice were created in order to create a community that felt completely separate from the previous two, yet didn’t lose the unique qualities of either property.

Website Consultation

We kept the same glitz & glam vibe that was established in our new logo and wove it throughout the entire website design. We also stuck to our clever brand voice that roped in Las Vegas and card game puns. With an entire new personality, the new Paisley & Pointe website raked in 23,146 organic searches and 38,894 users between September 2021 and December 2022.

Social Ads

With ads targeted toward a market of young professionals looking to live in Las Vegas we were able to run a successful social ad campaign that brought exposure to the community, drove new relevant traffic to the website, and ultimately collected leads from potential prospects to maximize occupancy.


The challenge with this project was the lack of brand recognition due to the rebrand. We had to get the new name out there without losing the organic traffic from the original properties. To combat this, the main focus for our PPC campaign was building brand awareness and capturing leads with experimentation of budgets, keywords, campaigns, and audiences.

Since the rebrand roll out, Paisley & Pointe has seen

organic web searches
website sessions
social ad conversions
total social profile views

Content Curation

Since the rollout of the new content strategy, The Paisley & Point’s social media platforms have continued to perform well. The brand rollout posts brought in engagement rates over 40% (the Instagram average is 3%). Five different Instagram graphics averaged 17 comments per post and have resulted in 43 more followers, and the new Facebook page had a post reach of over 18,451 people, a 45% increase from January. These metrics lead to deeper brand connections and more high-quality leads.

The Winning Hand

The result? A stunning new brand complete with a new name, guidelines, and marketing strategy that brought in results like and 17,7720 post engagements and an overall engagement rate of 7.66%. For some perspective, a decent engagement rate range is 1-5%, meaning the new content was received exceedingly well. In true Vegas style, we consider our approach to the Paisley & Pointe rebrand the Royal Flush of marketing strategies.

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