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Project Overview

Verve is an off-campus student community in New Brunswick, New Jersey near Rutgers University. They needed help building a new brand all the way from name to website. After we developed the name—a word that means vigor and spirit or enthusiasm—we moved onto branding inspired by that very definition. We built a brand narrative, essential collateral, and a custom website.

Start with the brand.

Verve was the first community of its kind to cater to Rutgers students in New Brunswick, and it is packed with fun, social amenities in a prime location. This gave us the opportunity to show what an energetic, student-focused brand could be in this market. Starting with the brand words vibrant, bold, edgy, urban, and youthful, we drew inspiration from interior renderings that included bright colors and bold wall wraps. Using those as inspiration with the scarlet color of the university, we created a bold, vibrant color pal- ette then paired it with sans-serif fonts and bold, graphic elements that could be collaged together in multiple ways. These elements give the brand a youthful look and tons of flexibility in terms of what we could do on collateral.

Verve means “vigor and spirit or enthusiasm” and that’s exactly what this community and brand embody. It’s unapologetically loud—as it should be. Verve is more than just student housing, it’s a scene and a lifestyle.

Creating the
website experience.

With its location, amenity package, and energetic branding, the goal was to showcase the real-world lifestyle and experience at Verve through a virtual platform: to show the energy, the socialization, and the possibilities available to students and residents. We used our freedom with a custom website to build a unique layout with action-oriented images to reflect the youthful vibe of both the real-world community and the new brand. Graphic elements in the collateral—like the dot pattern over graphics and color blocking behind copy—were varied enough to use in multiple places and carry the branding from one format to another.

Hard work wins awards.

The marketing journey can feel like an uphill battle sometimes. Don’t worry, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to climb the mountain successfully. Your win is our win.

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