Why Authentic Branding is Important & How To Achieve It

If you’re in marketing or you’ve worked with marketers at any point in the last couple years, you’ve probably heard this guiding principle before, and we assure you it isn’t changing any time soon. Consumers want authentic marketing from authentic brands.

It’s a hallmark of great marketing. People respond to brands they can get to know and connect with on more than an aesthetic level. We connect with experiences, so our brands should offer one. We connect with stories, so our brands should tell one. We connect with messaging, so copy should be clear, branded, and readable. And yes, we also connect with visuals, so those should be intentional, consistent, and complementary.

Brands do best when they’re seen as reliable, relatable, and real. These are the qualities needed to develop trust and brand loyalty, and communicating them isn’t a process you can simply hand off to one designer. Creating a brand that communicates authenticity is a collaborative effort—from discovery of your brand direction all the way through digital presence and physical print collateral.

Authenticity in Multi-Family Real Estate

For our clients, building brand authenticity means we need to go beyond selling a product. In the multi-family real estate space, we create and present a lifestyle that is felt from the earliest steps—like naming—all the way to complete website design and digital marketing campaigns.

Because storytelling is one of the best ways to connect, we write on-brand messaging and copy that clearly communicates brand values, from simple taglines in a brochure to full website copy optimized for SEO. The key to a cohesive, authentic brand story is pairing this messaging seamlessly with intentional visuals and imagery that represents each unique and diverse audience. And in multi-family real estate, these visuals and copy should tell the story of the lifestyle available at this specific property: create an atmosphere, a character, a brand. To get a glimpse into what goes into finding these visuals, check out Finding Diversity in Stock Photography.

How & Why to Maintain Consistent Branding

With these essentials established, we help to create detailed brand guidelines that ensure all elements of the brand remain cohesive, consistent, and seamless. Everything from stock photography and social media filters to brand colors, fonts, and verbiage—it should all be thoughtful and intentional. Then, it should be spelled out so everyone on your team is on board and can help stay true to the brand at every single touchpoint.

For your team members, our Brand Narrative product helps facilitate open communication. For your audience, this documented consistency helps to build trust, respect, and brand recognition by showing the level of care and passion you put into every aspect of your product.

Consumers these days want to support brands whose values align with their own, and it’s imperative to communicate yours consistently throughout every aspect of your branding—from a comprehensive experience on your website down to every single time you publish a post to Instagram. This leads to customer loyalty and satisfaction and, ultimately, brings in more like-minded consumers.

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