The 6 Essential Steps of Your Brand Naming Strategy

Before you start the process, naming your brand might not seem like a big project, but it’s one of the most important branding stages. And it has a lot more steps than you might think—from competitor keyword research to checking trademark availability and several others in between. If we went into every detail right here, […]

Why Brand Voice is Essential to Your Company Branding

We’ve talked about the importance of brand authenticity before, and it’s a great piece. Check out Why Authentic Branding is Important & How To Achieve It. Here’s an excerpt from that article. “We connect with experiences, so our brands should offer one. We connect with stories, so our brands should tell one. We connect with […]

Agency Fifty3 Director of Accounts

Meet Our New Director of Accounts

In April 2020, we welcomed a new Director of Accounts to our FIFTY3 team. Among many other responsibilities, Kristy Bright joined our team to manage our accounts team, grow our existing accounts, and develop brand new products. To help you get to know her better, we sat down for a quick interview covering her experience, […]