Launching on a Budget: Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Tools

Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Strategies and Guidance Through Market Uncertainty Let’s be real: the multifamily market is a scary place almost always, particularly when words like reduction in occupancy, high-interest rates, and recession are rearing their terrifying heads across news and social channels. In the ever-evolving landscape of the multifamily industry, owners and asset managers can […]

Facebook Is Removing One of Its Key Audiences For Use in Housing Campaigns

Facebook recently announced that it would be eliminating certain targeting options for housing, including Special Ad Audiences (SAA). The move comes as the company faces increasing pressure to comply with fair housing laws. While Facebook has long allowed advertisers to target users based on interests and demographics, the SAA feature allowed advertisers to target new […]

Better Leads At A Lower Cost

Social media advertising allows a unique opportunity for businesses to meet their audience where they are most engaged. Each platform provides a different experience for the consumer and contributes to a business’s marketing strategy in exclusive and different ways. Unfortunately, it’s often considered that social advertising doesn’t provide the same lower-funnel, high-quality results as other […]

Get The Most Out of Your Ad Spend by Understanding the Learning Phase

When it comes to social media ad campaigns, specifically on Facebook, you have likely heard of a frequently used term called the “learning phase.” You’ve probably heard your account manager or product specialist mention it, or have come across it in the depths of Ads Manager yourself. But, what is the Facebook ads learning phase […]

How Google’s Match Type Updates Affect Multifamily Marketing

Google has recently changed the way some of its keyword match types operate. Specifically, Google eliminated broad match modified and will alter phrase match to operate more similarly to how broad match modified has operated in the past. Their goal is to focus more on a user’s specific intent when deciding which ads to serve. […]

4-Step SEO Strategy for your Lease-Up Apartment Community

One of the most common answers to any SEO question is “it depends.” That doesn’t mean we don’t know the answer; it means your SEO success depends on numerous factors. Check out Understanding SEO: It’s Correlation Not Causation for more insight on why that is. When looking at a new lease-up, these factors may seem […]

How Searching for Your Search Ads Can Hurt Your Campaign

At first, searching for your own ads on Google may seem like a good way to test whether they’re showing correctly. Maybe you’re concerned about campaign accuracy or maybe you’re just really excited to see the effects of your PPC advertising. However, there are several reasons searching your own ads can have negative effects on […]

How Facebook Ads Have Evolved & What It Means for Marketers

The date is November 6, 2007 and Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg addresses a room of senior executives from our nation’s largest corporations in New York to announce the launch of Facebook Ads in a statement that he declares will “represent a completely new way of advertising online.” Fast forward more than a decade […]