5 Ways Facebook Ads Can Help Your Digital Marketing

Aside from pay-per-click, eye-catching web design, search engine optimization, and other digital marketing efforts, Facebook Ads are instrumental in reaching your target audience. There are billions of users on Facebook every day, and placing ads on the platform gives you a very high chance of reaching them online. Wondering about the specific benefits? Here are […]

Understanding SEO: It’s Correlation Not Causation

When it comes to causation and correlation between any two things, the difference is the effect those things have on each other. Causation is a direct effect caused by a defined action. Correlation occurs when two or more variables appear to have a relationship, though no causative agent has been established. In the marketing industry, […]

Characteristics That Will Help You Become a Thought Leader

In today’s ever-changing digital world, consumers or employees rarely rely on just one source of information for news. But when you’re looking for updates on the latest technology, sports news, or consumer info, there’s probably someone you rely on the most for accurate information in that niche. These are the people who can present the […]

How Do Fair Housing Laws Affect PPC and Digital Marketing?

When doing any sort of marketing or advertising within the multi-family housing industry, there are several different policies and legal concerns we have to be mindful of. Perhaps one of the most important and relevant policies that our PPC team works with every day is the Fair Housing Act. Staying familiar with Fair Housing and […]

The Importance of the Knowledge Graph & Google My Business

The number of digital marketing tools has grown dramatically over the last few years and grows more and more each day. So it’s no surprise to run into something new, especially as a user encountering these things in the wild. Google My Business (GMB) is one of many tools that has seamlessly entered our digital […]