The Importance of Video Marketing in 2021

I’m just as tired of hearing about “the new normal” as everyone else, but your marketing efforts need to address the elephant in the room. How do you market in the drastically changed landscape of 2021? There’s no one-step solution, but video should be a primary focus this year because of the unique opportunities it […]

From Lead to Lease: Lead Management for Leasing Agents

Often, when a property management company teams up with a marketing agency, one of their first and most important concerns is the quality of the leads the agency will help them acquire. After all, companies want to ensure they’re getting the most out of their marketing dollars, and in the property management industry, lead quality […]

Marketing for Single-Family Rentals: The New Industry Trend

One of the most relevant and overused words in 2020 was “pivot.” In multi-family real estate, this not only applied to budget strategies at the individual community level but also applied to investment practices. With the single-family rental market trending in the real estate industry, this asset class—sometimes referred to as Built-To-Rent (BTR), Single-Family Rental […]

Pinterest Ads: The Hidden Gem of Social Advertising

Social advertising gives us numerous opportunities and platforms to reach a targeted audience. Although social media platform giants, like Facebook and Instagram, may feel like conventional avenues, Pinterest remains a powerful underdog. On Pinterest, businesses have the unique opportunity to be organically discovered—discovered naturally without paid links or boosted posts—by their audience, because ads show […]

Why Brand Voice is Essential to Your Company Branding

We’ve talked about the importance of brand authenticity before, and it’s a great piece. Check out Why Authentic Branding is Important & How To Achieve It. Here’s an excerpt from that article. “We connect with experiences, so our brands should offer one. We connect with stories, so our brands should tell one. We connect with […]

5 Ways Facebook Ads Can Help Your Digital Marketing

Aside from pay-per-click, eye-catching web design, search engine optimization, and other digital marketing efforts, Facebook Ads are instrumental in reaching your target audience. There are billions of users on Facebook every day, and placing ads on the platform gives you a very high chance of reaching them online. Wondering about the specific benefits? Here are […]

Understanding SEO: It’s Correlation Not Causation

When it comes to causation and correlation between any two things, the difference is the effect those things have on each other. Causation is a direct effect caused by a defined action. Correlation occurs when two or more variables appear to have a relationship, though no causative agent has been established. In the marketing industry, […]