Characteristics That Will Help You Become a Thought Leader

In today’s ever-changing digital world, consumers or employees rarely rely on just one source of information for news. But when you’re looking for updates on the latest technology, sports news, or consumer info, there’s probably someone you rely on the most for accurate information in that niche. These are the people who can present the […]

Fall Activities to Spotlight on Your Property’s Social Media Platforms

Happy fall! For our multi-family real estate clients, our year-round approach to social media content curation is to show off the lifestyle available to residents, from the on-site amenities to nearby things to do. When planning your seasonal content calendar, be sure to think about the fun fall activities that will elevate your residents’ autumn […]

How Do Fair Housing Laws Affect PPC and Digital Marketing?

When doing any sort of marketing or advertising within the multi-family housing industry, there are several different policies and legal concerns we have to be mindful of. Perhaps one of the most important and relevant policies that our PPC team works with every day is the Fair Housing Act. Staying familiar with Fair Housing and […]

The Importance of the Knowledge Graph & Google My Business

The number of digital marketing tools has grown dramatically over the last few years and grows more and more each day. So it’s no surprise to run into something new, especially as a user encountering these things in the wild. Google My Business (GMB) is one of many tools that has seamlessly entered our digital […]

Why Authentic Branding is Important & How To Achieve It

If you’re in marketing or you’ve worked with marketers at any point in the last couple years, you’ve probably heard this guiding principle before, and we assure you it isn’t changing any time soon. Consumers want authentic marketing from authentic brands. It’s a hallmark of great marketing. People respond to brands they can get to […]

Finding Diversity in Stock Photography

When we’re using stock photography in marketing—whether it’s for graphic design, social media, or any other platform—we can’t restrict our options to a limited number of people. Including everyone ensures that every member of the audience feels included no matter their race, gender, sexuality, ability, or any number of unique diversities and intersectionalities. And in […]

Online Reputation Management for Multi-family Properties

Reputation management is more than just online reviews. It’s usually your audience’s first impression of your brand and may be the most lasting one; it’s the reason someone chooses to click or not click to learn more about your property. Reputation Management in the Digital Age In today’s digital age, we crave that constant user-generated […]

How We’re Animating for Real Estate Marketing

The digital age produces new platforms of communication that evolve daily. Interactive and animated media are two such rising stars, offering a wealth of opportunities for marketing strategists and quickly becoming top methods for keeping audiences engaged with content. In keeping up with audience engagement through evolving digital media, the real estate and multi-family housing […]

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Is Like Baking Cookies

We’ve all experienced the social media scroll—our thumbs scrolling and scrolling for miles at a time until suddenly a post catches our eye. We skid to a stop to engage with the post we deemed worth pausing for, among hundreds of others, and we double tap. This content likely took hours to put together, and […]