The Challenge

101 Center is a brand new apartment and retail community being built in downtown Arlington, TX. If you know anything about Arlington, it tends to be thought of as the city in-between Dallas and Fort Worth. And if you know anything about the University of Texas at Arlington, it tends to be thought of as a commuter school without much of an on or off-campus feel. This new development project sought to change that. With huge support from the city, our clients took on the goal of solving for both by building something that could be the center of an entertainment hub in downtown Arlington and provide housing for the growing amount of students choosing to live around the university.

The Challenge we faced was this: How can we join our client in reshaping a culture for an entire city and university?

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The Preparation

FIFTY3 got involved early on in this process. We were on numerous phone calls with the client to consult on how best to approach this project. They came to us with a name but little else. FIFTY3 wanted to present an all-encompassing strategy to make sure that name could make a splash in a market that wasn’t used to seeing anything like it. We picked the brains of everyone we knew from the area to find out what the current downtown and university culture was like. We met with the clients enough to finish their sentences. Our goal was to know what they needed more than they did before we dove into work. This partnership dictated the scope of work. The research revealed that we needed to help them build their brand and identity, design a splash page and full website, give them the analog tools to sell their product, and build a digital marketing platform that would help them bring all of this to an external audience.

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The Solution

How did we help to reshape a culture larger than just one brand? We gave them an identity that appealed to college students just as well as young adults. Their look and sound was custom built to stand up and declare that 101 Center could be the start of a new age for both city and university. We designed signage, brochures, and stationary to ensure that every touch point carried this message. Our team sat down with their team to build out a digital approach that would fit with the modern consumer’s desire to find their information online. They now have a website that showcases their purpose and optimizes the user experience. Our goal was to work closely with the client to build a brand and external strategy that everyone could be proud of. We certainly are.

They weren’t just entering a market. They were influencing a culture.

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