The Challenge

Our client came to us with a name and a project. They were developing a community in a suburb of Dallas home to Fortune 500 companies and highly educated residents. They knew the community would be called The Huntington, but they didn’t know how to bring The Huntington to life. We started with a name and were challenged to build a sophisticated, mature brand around it. From logo to website, Agency FIFTY3 needed to fill in the blanks and create a user experience that defined a community for years to come.

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The Preparation

Our preparation started with understanding the product. The digital and social identity should be a reflection of how you feel when you first see the community. We spoke with the client many times to understand everything down to the architectural inspiration. The use of French architecture for this traditional apartment community led us down the path we eventually settled on. No detail of the community was missed. Our team even utilized renderings to find ways to define the brand visually. After many phone calls and emails, we took everything we had learned and got to work.

The Solution

The solution came from the architectural inspiration. We found a detail of the gate that embodied the direction our client gave to us. This specific detail would become the sophisticated, mature emblem their brand would be known by. The colors were selected for their royal, upscale feeling. Once we had the logo and identity down, we let them influence the brand’s brochure, marketing collateral, floor plans, and website. Even the website copy utilized the feeling the gate-inspired logo provided. Our client knew what they wanted this brand to feel like. Our preparation and creativity taught the brand what to say and how to say it.

They had a name.
They needed to define it.

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