The Holidays are like the Super Bowl for social media video content. Every great brand in the world rushes to take advantage of a time when people are quick to view and share videos that highlight that special time of the year. Agency FIFTY3 was tasked with helping close to 30 of our real estate clients steal attention from large brands with larger budgets and bring home back into the holiday conversation with a video campaign.

We wrote, produced, and distributed a 60-second video ad that focused on where holiday mornings start. Even though everyone celebrates the holidays differently, they always seem to start at home. Without always being aware of it, home plays a huge role in our holiday experience. We shot the video in one day with six different actors and then asked for user generated content to close the video out. This spot ran in 29 different markets as Facebook and Instagram ads for two weeks during the holiday season.

As a whole, the video outperformed typical social media ads. There were 20,000 more video views than total reach, which means that people were viewing the ad multiple times. The average cost per view on Facebook is around $.05. These ads saw a cost per view of $.02, which translates to the abnormal amount of views this ad generated for the money spent.

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